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About Us

What is the iGoldenVisa?

The iGoldenVisa is a real estate website with a large amount of new and second-hand real estates in Portugal and Spain, located mainly in the Lisbon area, Algarve and the main Spain provinces. The real estates presented in this platform have the value equal or superior to 500.000 € (roughly CNY 3.900.000), making possible to the buyer to obtain the Golden Visa.


What are the iGoldenVisa’s purposes?

The iGoldenVisa is an innovative project designed and produced to making able an easy navigation to the users that are looking for real estates with value equal or superior to 500.000 €. It’s in constant evolution and offers to the real estate sector professionals that are partners to the iGoldenVisa in Portugal and Spain the exclusive opportunity to divulge their real estates to a target mainly coming from China and Hong Kong.

We allow a personalized and complete service to our customers who want to obtain a Golden Visa. In the first place, we clarify our possible costumers in our office in Shenzhen, presenting the best investment options always with the purpose of obtain the Golden Visa.

Secondly, we take care of the flight and accommodation of the costumers to Portugal or Spain, always with our attendance. Once in Iberian soil, we render a 24h/day service, always in the company of Chinese interpreters, visiting the real estates selected by our customers, as well as some of the touristic points of the region.

The administrative process resulting of the real estate acquisition is made in partnership with a lawyer office specialized and experienced in this type of processes.


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The iGoldenVisa partners have at your service a modern and optimized platform to the main search engines on China and Hong Kong. We also have 9 prominent places in the website Home Page for our partners that wish to have more visibility to some real estates they possess. If you are a iGoldenVisa partner and you wish to access some emphasized space on our website Home Page, contact us.


Our Partners & Governmental Institutions

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