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Portugal won four awards in the worldwide tourism Oscars


Portugal won four awards in the  World Travel Awards (WTA), known as the tourism “oscars”, which was announced on the last Saturday in Casablanca, Morocco – the awards are decided by vote of tourism professionals and of tourists. Madeira was elected the best insular world destination, Parques de Sintra was considered the best company in conservation, the Vila Vita Park h...

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Portugal, the best of Europe… again


For the second consecutive year the readers of USA Today, one of the US newspapers with the highest circulation, gave Portugal the first place in the annual list of the ten best European countries.

“Portugal is less iconic than the famous countries but provides a variety of opportunities to travellers: charming villages, excellent food, fascinating folk music, cultural opportunities, a beautiful coastline and even worl...

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Algarve is considered the world's best place to spend the retirement



Algarve was considered for the second year as the world's best place to enjoy the retirement. In a study of the North American company Live and Invest Overseas, quoted by CNN, Algarve comes in the first place, where is highlighted the low cost of living, the beach, the golf courses and the ease of communication of a english native speaker. 

According to t...

Date: 2015-07-28 Read more

Portugal voted the 2nd best country in the world to welcome immigrants


According to the Index of Migrant Integration Policy (MIPEX), keeps his place from 2011 and continues on the podium with regard to the recepcion and assistance in the integration of the immigrants.

This ranking is based on several points, such as unemployment, education, health, political participation, the difficulty in finding residence and nationality, and discrimination.


Date: 2015-07-03 Read more

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