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Six good reasons to invest in luxury properties in Portugal


As part of the presentation of results for 2014, the luxury real estate area, the "Mad Money" released six reasons that are leading to increased purchases of luxury properties in Portugal, with housing values above 500 thousand euros:

The security emerges as the first reason for the sales increase, and Portugal occupies the 17th place, as safest country in the world "

The hospitality of the Portuguese, the reception of new cultures integration has also been a strong criterion for the purchase of real estate by foreign customers.

Third privileged Geography as a platform for access to the entire Schengen area ";

The Climate, is the fourth most decisive reason to choose. Portugal is one of the countries with the highest number of sunny days in Europe;

In fifth place modern Infrastructures, road and urban infrastructure "

Portugal is known worldwide for its gastronomy, the great diversity of flavors and wine experiences. Representing the sixth as a reason for choosing to live in Portugal.

In 2014, the luxury real estate recorded the best year ever, with a turnover of 185 million euros, through the sale of properties in 2012. There has been a 48% sales increase compared to 2013 and sales to foreign customers who have decided to invest in Portugal accounted for 66% of home sales in the real estate sector.

Date: 2015-04-09

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