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Algarve is considered the world's best place to spend the retirement



Algarve was considered for the second year as the world's best place to enjoy the retirement. In a study of the North American company Live and Invest Overseas, quoted by CNN, Algarve comes in the first place, where is highlighted the low cost of living, the beach, the golf courses and the ease of communication of a english native speaker. 

According to this study, living in the Algarve monthly costs 1410 dollars (1283 euros), a price lower than what would be spent in the United States.

To elaborate the ranking, it was considered the cost of living and real estate investment, the entertainment options, the strenght of expatriate communities, health care and logistics of change.

The fact of having in the region «more of 100,000 expatriates who promoted tradings of books, and tennis and volunteer groups», is one of the enhanced factors. 

Date: 2015-07-28

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