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Cork Preparation Factory

Cork Preparation Factory

Total area


 Cork Preparation Factory


The factory is located in Faro district (Algarve, Portugal), and is about 20 Km from the district capital. Administratively it belongs to the São Brás de Alportel municipality in the Mealhas place.

The factory facilities are built in a 2-storey high warehouse (8 meters high), 80 meters of length and 27 meters of with. It covers a total area of 2,160 square meters.

The ground-floor has an entry hall with stairs to the first floor. It also has separate bathrooms (men & women), dressing room, mess room and the main cork transformation area.

On the first-floor there are 2 offices and a bathroom.

The boiler area is located in the warehouse's backyard and it has a water tank with an 18 cubic meters capacity.

Due the large constructed areas and support infrastructures, it can be used for other activities other than the current one.

This building includes a property with a total area over 2 acre and a borehole.



Referenceigv-cc00-0002Year built1991
Total area6609 m² 

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