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Property in Guimarães

Property in Guimarães

Land area


Property in Guimarães


The Property is a heavenly place on the banks of Rio Ave 2 km from the City of Guimarães, European Capital of Culture 2012 and one of the destinations recommended by the prestigious New York Times.

It has an area of 100,000 m2 of pure Nature, so we can enjoy the same, where there is the main house with suites for rent, 2 houses t2 rustic houses, a barn house T3 for theme parties (groups of 50 people), surrounding gardens for parties and events.

Property there is a relational dynamic with local farmers and these exploiting the large vineyard, producing usually between 30 to 45 barrels of wine annually.

Own vineyard area of about 60.000,00m2, orchard area with about 1.000,00m2, garden area with about 3.000,00m2, wooded area (Bouça) about 13.000,00m2.
The remaining area consists of the existing building, as well as its backyard.

Interior Description:
The house 1 is the main House of Assembly. Its construction is recent and replaced an earlier building rural uncharacteristic and ruin.

On the 1st floor is the main entrance, the living room, the kitchen, the laundry room, a room for tourists, toilets and storage space; On the 2nd floor are more room for tourists and three family rooms, all equipped with private sanitary facilities.

House 2 consists of two rooms with private sanitary facilities for the tourists, supported by a common room and a garage designed to the family.

House 3 is the one that needs more work because he is stay degradation. It is also the one that best defines the 'moth' old country, either by the link with the territory, or by masonry used in its construction.
Unfolds in three floors means and relates to the porch of agricultural implements by the gateway.
On the 1st floor is a living room and two storage. Connects to the 2nd floor by an interior staircase, to the regional cuisine. In addition to this, has three bedrooms for the tourists, two served by a common toilet and the third prepared for people with motor disabilities. The furnace of bread has exclusive access from the outside, due to the expected weekly operation.

The house was remodeled and expanded 4 with recent project. Took bifamiliar typology to be intended for home fifth. It is further proposed a new extension of the 1st floor, in dire need of agricultural production.
On the 1st floor are a cellar, storage room, two administration rooms and two toilet service. At level two are arranged two rooms, a 2 bedroom and one from T3, intended for home fifth.

Box 5 is adapted from ancient porch with floor. It was also remodeled and expanded in recent years.
To the exception of brown aluminum frames, maintain a rural image feature something for modulation and construction materials.
On the 1st floor is the entrance, a common living room supported by a small kitchen (pre-existing) and a guest toilet. On the 2nd floor are three bedrooms arranged for tourists, with the corresponding sanitary facilities.

Description of Area:
Accessibility and environment
The property is located in the place indicated above.
This crater is about 1km from the village Pevidem and 5.5 km from the city of Guimarães.
Is accessible via the newly improved road connecting Pevidem to EN 206 (Famalicão-Guimarães), which is distant 800,00m.
The main structuring, under category Auto Road is 1.5 km, with up to Braga, Porto.



Referenceigv-fab0-0002Year built1990
TypeVillaTypology T5+
  Land area96000 m²

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